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9. OGG & MP3 Encoders

To convert the WAV file to OGG format format you will need an encoder. The Ogg encoders are not as optimised as some of the MP3 encoders yet, so encoding times may be slower than MP3 encoders.

Here is a comparison between oggenc and gogo.

[dj@megajukebox ]# ls -l audio_01.wav
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root     20843468 Jul 14 22:07 audio_01.wav

[dj@megajukebox ]# oggenc -b 256 audio_01.wav 
Opening with wav module: WAV file reader
Encoding "audio_01.ogg" [ 99.9%] [ 0m00s remaining] -

Done encoding file "audio_01.ogg"

        File length:  1m 58.0s
        Elapsed time: 0m 33.5s
        Rate:         3.5251
        Average bitrate: 245.1 kb/s

[dj@megajukebox ]# gogo -b 256 audio_01.wav 
GOGO-no-coda ver. 2.39  (Jul 21 2001)
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000 PEN@MarineCat and shigeo
    Special thanks to Keiichi SAKAI, URURI, Noisyu and Kei
MPEG 1, layer 3 stereo
inp sampling-freq=44.1kHz out sampling-freq=44.1kHz bitrate=256kbps
input  file `audio_01.wav'
output file `audio_01.mp3'
{   4524/   4523} 100.0% (  25.74x)  re:[00:00:00.00] to:[00:00:04.58]
End of encoding
time=   4.587sec 

9.1 oggenc

The original Vorbis encoder.

OggEnc is a flexible and fully featured command line encoder for the Ogg Vorbis format. It is the official command line encoder for Ogg Vorbis, a high quality audio codec from

You may need to install the following library files before you can run oggenc:

libao, libogg, libvorbis

These can be found, with oggenc and other Ogg tools at the link below:

9.2 Blade's MP3 Encoder

BladeEnc is a freeware MP3 encoder. It is based on the same ISO compression routines as mpegEnc, so you can expect roughly the same, or better, quality . The main difference is the appearance and speed. BladeEnc doesn't have a nice, user-friendly interface like mpegEnc, but it is more than three times faster, and it works with several popular front-end graphical user interfaces.

9.3 Lame

In the great history of GNU naming, LAME stands for LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder. LAME is not an mp3 encoder. It is a GPL'd patch against the dist10 ISO demonstration source, but in beta is a Full source code distribution, since all ISO code has been replaced! LAME is totally incapable of producing an mp3 stream. It is incapable of even being compiled by itself. You need the ISO source for this software to work. The ISO demonstration source is also freely available, but any commercial use (including distributing free encoders) may require a license agreement from FhG (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany).

9.4 Gogo

This is a very fast MP3 encoder for x86-CPU, which is based on LAME ver 3.29beta and optimized by PEN@MarineCat, Keiichi SAKAI, URURI, kei and shigeo. (You will also need to download NASM to compile the source, which can be found

9.5 Xing MP3 Encoder

Xing is an command line MP3 encoder. It currently encodes .wav files to MPEG-1 layer 3 or MPEG-2 layer 3. Boasts an 8x speed increase over other encoders and MP3 playback capabilities. It's available for Intel Linux, PPC Linux and Windows.

9.6 mp32ogg

mp32ogg is a Perl script to convert MP3 files into Ogg Vorbis format. It is able to read ID3 tags from MP3 files and correctly tag the Ogg files, as well as optionally rename them based on those tags.

9.7 mp3recode

mp3recode is a perl script which will automatically re-encode mp3's which fall below a defined bitrate. Obviously it makes no claim to improve sound quality, but is useful for re-encodes to conserve space, or to ensure shoutcast and other streamers only deal with a consistent rate.

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