m-dist : live linux midi distribution


m-dist is a small, ˜140 MB, embedded Linux system tuned for MIDI and audio use. There's no software to install; you download the ISO, burn it to CD, pop it in your computers cd drive and reboot.



m-dist-0.1-alpha4 can be downloaded from here.

MD5 key: 4db302dc3c597f700e67fb7ceaaa185b


m-dist is distributed as an ISO image, so you will need to burn this to a CDROM. As it's quite small it fits nicely onto an 8 cm mini-cd.

The PC being used needs to be able to boot from CDROM, most systems these days will be able to do this but you might have to enable this in the BIOS.

A minimum of 64 Meg RAM is required for m-dist but 128 Meg or greater is strongly recommended.

If the PC has more than 256 Megs memory you can load m-dist fully into RAM, making it faster to load applications. At the boot splash type (without the quotes) "linux copy2ram eject" and then press enter/return.


m-dist comes with a small set of MIDI and audio applications:

m-dist is based on Linux-Live!, Slackware 9.1, AudioSlack and XFce

For normal usage you should not need to use the System Console (right mouse click on the desktop to bring the System Menu up). m-dist run's as root so you do not need a password.

Changes in this release


This is an alpha release, there are still a few nits to sort out:


Although care has been taken in the building of m-dist, this system is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

© 2004 Phil Kerr